Solves Real Life

Warrantii reduces real life challenges to a few clicks; so you wont need to keep the physical invoice safely or search for service center.

Multiple Integrated

Integrates Mobile Apps & Web Applications for Buyers, Sellers and Service Partners. Integration with IoT will bring them closer.

Truly Unique

Recording Purchases, Requesting Installation, Warranty Claims, Service Request, Service Center Lookup, Tracking Service & History

Discover Peace of Mind

From Product Installation to Servicing a Claim on Warranty AMC or Insurance, Warrantii covers it all, while giving you a complete end to end liberating experience across a wide range of product categories including Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, even Automobiles.

It is not just about solving the problem of claiming Warranty without physical invoice, but also to help build an ecosystem for your purchase, to help you achieve complete peace of mind;

Upload your purchase invoices & let us do the rest for you.

Why is Warrantii UNIQUE?

Tracking Warranty of Products we purchase is a painful task. Especially when things go wrong and we go looking for that invoice in order to get service. Problem is bigger for products which have more than 1 year of Warranty or for products needing a maintenance contract post Warranty period.

Warrantii, can help track Product Warranty in addition to storing purchase invoices safely. Click and file away invoice safekeeping woes with Warrantii. What's more - it's completely FREE and gives out reminders on expiring warranty period.

Open up to comlpete freedom from safekeeping invoices and peace of mind. Enjoy your purchase to the fullest. Download Warrantii Today.

How to get Started

Just install and launch the Warrantii App
Here's a 3 Step guide to getting complete peace of mind.

Create free account

Just key in a few necessary details to register and login in a single step. No more remembering troublesome passwords.

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Record Your Purchases

All you have to do is to select Your Product Cateogry and Brand, Key in a few details or ask your retailer to key them for you

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Click and Upload Invoice

Click a photo of your invoice and upload it with your purchase, and That's It. You can now retrieve it whenever you want

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Awesome features

Warrantii is NOT a sales platform. It assists you in all realms of product purchase experience.
It tracks your purchase from Point of Sales to until End of Product Life, helping you derive maximum from it.


Purchase Recording

  • Store Invoices Safely
  • Retrieve Information Anytime
  • Ask Retailers to Upload Information
  • No Limit on the Number of Invoices
  • 02

    Product Installation

  • Make Installation Requests
  • OE Trained Staff for Installation
  • Minimum Installation Leadtime
  • Provide Feedback
  • 03

    Service Request

  • Find OE Service Channel Information
  • Claim Product Warranty
  • Create Service Requests
  • Periodic Service Reminders
  • 04

    Insurance AMC & More

  • Buy AMC, Insurance & Accessories
  • Expiry Reminder Notifications
  • AMC Renewals
  • Product Upgrades & Tradeins
  • Application Screenshots

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    Here are a few happy customers and what they feel about Warrantii
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    Features & Problems Solved

    Warrantii takes care of the invoice safe keeping for all my household appliances and my iPhone. Just by recording my purchases, I have saved a lot of time in trying to find a reliable service center, nearby. Great.

    Service Center Visibility

    Used Warrantii to locate a newly opened Service Center which was not visible on Google. Got my camera serviced and is working well. Thank You Warrantii for helping me and saving my time, effort. You guys are doing a great job.

    Warrantii Expiry Notifications

    Had comletely forgotten about the Warranty Extension Pack for my Lenovo Laptop. Thanks to Warrantii and its timely reminder, I was able to buy it just in time before the expiry of 1 year from Laptop Purchase. Useful Application.

    Periodic Service Requests

    I bought an RO last year. It was troublesome to get it serviced every 3 months. Since I have registered on Warrantii, not only it reminds me of service in due time, it helps me schedule a service visit also. Good Work Keep It Up!!!

    Do You have questions?

    We understand you may have questions, and we are listing answers to a few below.
    For others, please send them to us and we shall make the best case effort to answer them.

    Why use Warrantii?

    Warrantii can help save you Time & Effort at Zero cost. It makes it convenient to do many more things you would find difficult to do - Finding a Service Center or Scheduling a Service for example.

    How it works?

    Warrantii stores information about your purchase in a host of servers so you can retrieve this information when you want it, where you want it. It promises near 100% Availability, is Reliable and Robust.

    What does it Cost?

    It does NOT cost anytihing to store data on Warrantii. Just Install, Register, Login and fire away storing those invoices. Whats more, as long as the product is covered in warranty, you dont pay for services too.

    Where is Warrantii available?

    Warrantii App can be installed from both Apple iOS App Store and Google Android Playstore in India. For other countries, we are working tirelessly tying up trying to introduce Warrantii there.

    Is my information Safe?

    We store your information on a host of realtime synchronized server(s) alongside a completely redundant platform taking backups that is designed to withstand worst failures.

    How do you use my data?

    Though Warrantii would use data for internal purposes, Warrantii would share your data to its Customers - OEs and Retailers for providing you the set of services offered to you by Warrantii.

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